Mini Rides Rentals

1. Why should I book online with Mini Ride Rentals?
You get online access to bike rental shops and you will be able to see what they actually have in stock and get an immediate confirmation on the bike/s you have booked. Once you have booked the bike it will be reserved for you in their system so nobody will be able to book it again. You are guaranteed to get the bike/s you have booked. You can make sure you get the right bikes for your whole family/group and a piece of mind for your holiday/booking.

2. Do I need to book in advance?
If you want to make sure you will get the bike/s you need, when you want them, we recommend booking them in advance to avoid disappointment. Some locations get very busy and sell out quickly. Many rental shops start taking online bookings months in advance so it is a good idea to book them as early as possible.

3. How will I know the bikes are reserved for me?
You will get a confirmation email detailing your reservation with all the needed information.

4. What if I need to cancel the booking?
Get in touch with the shop you booked with, their details are in your confirmation.

5. Can I get bikes delivered?
Many bike rental shops offer a delivery service, you can choose to see only the shops that offer deliveries by using the delivery filter in your search results page.

6. Can I hire bikes on Sundays or holidays?
All the shops have different opening hours so please check the opening hours/days with your chosen shop.

7. How will I know if the bikes I want to rent are available on the day I want them?
Choose one of the bike rentals that offer online booking and you can see which bikes are available on your chosen dates.

8. Are the prices same as on rental shops own website?
Yes, the prices are the same if you use the online booking.

9. What about insurance?
Insurance is often not included in the cost of the hire. Some places offer insurance options in addition to the rental price or you can organise your own. You should also check the small print for liability in case of damage.

10. Do I need to pay Mini Ride Rentals to book bikes online?
No, we don’t believe charging you for the booking is the right thing to do.


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